Email Handling


The possibility of achieving inbox-zero is not a far fetched reality. Hiring a virtual assistant can make it happen.

A virtual assistant can sift through emails to not only separate vital and unimportant mails, but also pursue urgent issues and take action to resolve them. We reply to your mails, don't miss out the critical emails, organise, discard and tag emails on priority basis. A VA liberates you from the burden, exhaustion and gruelling mess of doing it yourself.


Emails are an integral part if running a successful business enterprise be it online or offline. Emails are the preferred communication medium of 80 percent of business professionals. A third of a workday of any professional is spent surfing and scrolling through spam emails according to Carleton University. On an average every business forwards and receives upwards of a hundred emails per day.

Furthermore that makes it critical to respond timely to crucial emails, stressing the need to effectively manage email inbox. Which can all be made smooth sailing by hiring a virtual assistant for email handling.


Every minute counts while running a successful business. The overload and management of your email inbox is passed on to an email virtual assistant. So no more going through all the mail, but no more missing the important mails either.

Imagine what all you could do with a few extra hours per week for your expanding business.

We notify and deliver emails, not letting you miss anything important. When you are busy we write back to your crucial mails. Pursue and take action on critical problems by email. Organise and tag emails on priority basis while discarding spam. Operate as your plausible point of contact for inflowing enquiries.


Offload your email burden to a virtual assistant today!

An expert virtual assistant with extensive experience, knowledge, technical training and know-how is crucial when it comes to managing emails. Which otherwise can lead to mere confusion and mayhem. So why not hire one today and have an uncomplicated life. Here are some perks of hiring an email management virtual assistant.

- Inbox Zero - Time saving - Cost effective - Increased productivity - CRM management - Regular, routine follow ups - Organised mails - Time zone advantage