Personal Virtual Assistant


The daily workings of a business day can be quite stressful and busy especially when you are burdened with a myriad of tasks. Has the day-to-day stuff ever been way too overwhelming for you.

When you feel like you have a lot on your plate like appointments, meetings, dates, venues or locations, events, etc.

A lack of organisation can make your schedule and business objectives go haywire.

Wouldn't you just love to just enjoy your cup of coffee in peace and course through your workday without worrying about organising your schedule and managing other duties and responsibilities of daily routines.

Wise Mates personal virtual assistant services can assist with your workload while you don't feel stressed and be more productive. Hire us today to manage your everyday tasks.


Anyone who prefers to be a one man team can benefit tremendously from hiring a personal virtual assistant service.

We provide avant-garde assistance to any business person or individual in any organisation, administrative position or even in the creative field.

Outsourcing your secretarial needs can be quite beneficial to your personal life but also to client relations, workflows, productivity in business operations and financial gains.

Conserve your capital resources and time by outsourcing your personal assistant needs to Wise Mates today.


Our exemplary virtual assistants are capable and professionally trained to provide you with the best services in the industry. Understanding your needs we offer virtual personal assistant services and virtual secretary services.

Expertly skilled professionals customise services and schedules for all your important tasks, releasing you from the clutter and confusion from your life.

We make life easier by providing services like appointment and task management, hotel bookings and reservations, travel schedule and itinerary management, scanning business cards, handling administrative tasks, email and call management, calendar management and agenda setting for meetings, which are business related and other tasks like ordering and delivering gifts, tracking children's event and school schedule, utility bill payments, online purchases, software subscription management and social media account management as some services provided.


How easy would life be if you had your own personal team working behind the scenes managing all your needs.

Wise Mates virtual personal assistant experts provide exactly that and make it possible to outsource your part time responsibilities to a professional team efficiently handling your needs.

Some other benefits of hiring us are:-
- Zero administrative hassle
- Cost efficiency
- High quality services
- Affordable services
- Time based delivery
- Effective management
- Customised services
- Data confidentiality
- Access to latest tools and tech