Real Estate Virtual Assistant


Any realtor who dreams to expand his business and keep it edgy has to keep up with the breakneck speed of expansion. Only a superhuman can do it all alone. Understanding how to tackle the functions of the real estate market can be overwhelming. This can also lead to delays in expansion plans because of having to personally manage listing, appointments, scraping data or even self marketing.

You can better utilise your time by delegating the less important tasks to a real estate virtual assistant. Let Wise Mates assist you by outsourcing your real estate tasks to our virtual assistant for your real estate company.


A virtual assistant can take care of all your repetitive and non-core tasks. Someone who is uninterested in investing in the hiring and training of personal assistants can simply hire a virtual assistant to accomplish business objectives.

Several realtors work for upto 40 to 60 hours per week, leaving them with no personal time or time to handle other important business issues that help in the growth of their company.

There are endless reasons for hiring a real estate virtual assistant. By hiring one, you decrease the hours spent at your office and increase the possibility of attaining a better work-life balance.


Each client has a unique requirement for their business which Wise Mates decodes and provides customised services for. Our executives have the technical expertise to tackle problems and come up with solutions.

The experience we have accumulated from our years in this industry helps us provide optimum commercial real estate virtual assistant services to our clients. We offer some integrated real estate virtual assistance services. Let's begin with calendar management. A systematically maintained calendar streamlines the running of your expanding business. While making sure nothing is overlooked, setting up meetings with clients or stakeholders etc., following time based accuracy for optimum performance.

Our virtual assistants provide lead generation services to improve and grow your business by collecting client contacts to create your database. This list building can include private lenders, small banks, foreclosures, probates and REI's, etc., while overseeing customised services too.

Paperwork management is a crucial part of any business endeavour, real estate being no exception. Our virtual assistance experts organise your workload and also implement exacting methods to well manage your needs and see through the easy transaction of the final audit each time.

Customer Service is one of the tasks undertaken by our virtual assistants. They provide quality service by answering queries, sending responses to emails and also interacting on your behalf if need arises with prospective sellers, renters and buyers in a timely and systematic manner.

Our virtual assistants provide marketing services by constantly updating your social media .handles and your company's website. While also strategizing and posting ads on other viable platforms. Good marketing strategies improve customer engagement, which is done by advertising relevant information for viable clients at the correct time.


A real estate virtual assistant can enhance your business environment. Giving you access to a spectrum of benefits improving your CRM and quality of life.

By hiring the services of Wise Mates real estate virtual assistants some key advantages you have are:-

- High quality services
- Scalable services
- Affordable services
- Data confidentiality
- Cost efficiency
- Customised services
- Reduced turnover rates
- Effective management
- Zero administrative hassle
- Access to latest tools and tech