Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Advancement in technology has also altered the recruitment process and how we approach it; it can now be managed virtually. Long past are the times of in house face to face interviews, on campus placements and job fairs. With the onset of the 2020 pandemic and economic crisis that followed, numerous organisations understood the potential of virtual recruitment process outsourcing, its convenience and cost efficiency.

In the current times as work from home has become a reality and a preferred mode of life why not also hire from home. What actually transpires when you contract a virtual recruitment service is the recruitment agency remotely hires candidates that suit a company's requirements.

The human resource aspect of a business is reduced, the employee turnover rates shortened and convenience increased as everything is handled via phones, fax and the internet.


Wise mates professionals ensure that while providing our services our digital capabilities are leveraged to enrol top talent for whoever hires us. It is a known fact that quite a number of leading companies survived the lockdown stages of the 2020 pandemic by outsourcing their recruitment process.

We support all large, medium and small scale organisations, businesses, industries, start-ups and family businesses.

Recruitment, virtual or otherwise, in any organisation is not done all year round. It's usually done when the need arises, making it all the more convenient for businesses to employ a virtual recruitment service agency on a timely basis. It's perfect in this digital age and also the current economic scenario.


Outsourced virtual recruitment provides services such as contract and project-based hiring, recruiters on demand, temporary and permanent staffing.

WiseMates provides all kinds of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services like end-to-end RPO which invests in recruitment technology and supports permanent enrollment services long-term. Project RPO which is more of a project-specific end-to-end approach. Selective RPO for when an organisation's internal hiring process requires strengthening and certain aspects need refining. Recruiter on Demand (ROD) service which, as the name suggests, is provided as and when demand arises.

A lot of times businesses worry about the quality of recruiting virtually, worrying about its shortfalls. An agency with experienced recruiters dealing with innumerable clients and multiple industries known to sort the gems from the stones, while discarding the fraudulent applications.

Investing in virtual Assistance for recruitment can attain operational growth and excellence for businesses. An RPO provider can also help arrange webinars, virtual fairs and info sessions to widen talent search for companies.


Any company or business venture by employing an RPO service can achieve agility, industry insights and talent analytics to boost workforce structuring. Adequate implementation of RPO enhances recruitment effectiveness, providing competitive leverage to any organisation. Advantages of RPO include:-

- Cost efficiency
- Diversity
- Risk reduction
- Effective management
- Scalable services
- Increased productivity
- Time saved
- Reduction in turnover rates
- Resource optimization
- Focus on core competencies
- Performance based assessment
- Enable better decision making