Internet Research


A business acquainted with information stays ahead of the competition. The Internet is that tool available at our disposal to accomplish this. But it is not so easy to traverse the vast jungle of knowledge. A skilled virtual assistant who specialises in research can dig out relevant information, organise and maintain data for your needs. Inthus ongoing tasks, a virtual assistant gives you an edge empowering you to stay ahead in the game.


Digitization has taken over the world, with organisations, institutions, government and private agencies all posting their bulk of knowledge in articles, blog posts and websites, for anyone who desires to access that information and use it.

So it's quite easy for any average Joe or business professional to get overwhelmed with such colossal information. The information off the internet can be used to compile statistics on competitors to improve strategy.

Students, writers, journalists, actors, artists, businesses and a lot more people use the internet to obtain information for their work. Search engines are aplenty, but all work differently like Google,Bing,MSN, Yahoo. Recruiting a virtual assistant is someone who knows this information extensively and easen up your workload and stress.


Virtual assistants with a niche in the industry provide some fundamental services like assembling current statistical data, extensive knowledge of all search engines and databases. They use tried and tested methods to gather information, like using apposite keywords, looking up verified content to compile data.

Professional presentation of client data through expertly compiled spreadsheets, presentations and word documents. A virtual assistant masters general and specific knowledge of client content and managing it.


For Virtual assistants at Wise Mates gathering statistical information and analysis is our forte. We provide services not only to individuals but large and small, corporates and businesses too. Knowing that our clients only want the best. Here are some of the reasons and benefits of hiring us:-

- Keep tabs on competition
- Increased productivity
- Organised information
- Analysis of data/ Data analysis
- Fast completion of targets
- Cost efficiency
- Time zone advantage
- Free access to tools and software