Google Adwords


For the unversed Google Ads which was earlier called Google Adwords is an online advertising service displaying advertisements on Google's search engine results page. Here advertisers display their ads on pay-per-click (PPC) basis.

Businesses pay to get their advertisements ranked, by targeting keywords to make the top of the search engines results page. So, you only pay when there is a click on your Ads as the platform is run on a PPC( pay-per-click) system.

Google's marketplace for Adwords functions like an auction where the bidding is done for clicks, the highest bidder not necessarily winning always. Google considers a few aspects like money firstly of course but also the quality of the score to ensure optimum experience levels for people clicking on the Ads.


Any business would only benefit tremendously by having access to the largest online advertising platform in the world which is monumental, the platform is Google Ads. Users are targeted both through the search and display networks established on cookies and keywords decided upon by the endorser.

Google Ads is perfect for all types of businesses large or small. This form of advertising when managed correctly targets qualified and market prospects economically. You can adjust your campaigns based on results, scaling ads to generate sales and profits.

Advertisers trying to generate traffic and reach a wider audience should opt for Google Ads services. You only pay when users click your advertisements while browsing the net and benefit from the same. Ads can be placed locally, nationally and internationally to target specific audiences and customers on Google Adwords.


The line auction process of Google Adwords where the advertiser places a bid in the system to secure a particular ad placement is not as easy as it may sound.

The process entails multiple steps and myriad factors for a successful ad publication.

The factor being your expenditure limit ray is how much you are willing to pay for each ad click and quality score which is based on the quality of landing page, rate of clicks expected, ad optimization and relevancy of the ad based on searches.

A good ad rank improves chances of ad placement on the Google search results page.

A few crucial steps are necessary to be followed to get the perfect ad placement on Google Ads.

Starting with goal establishment which can be for building brands, structuring accounts or even lead generation, each time the ad structure being completely different. Then it is important to identify and determine your ideal customers and their needs to develop audience personas. Another integral part of Google Ads placement is keywords placement which can be researched by using tools like SEMrush to evaluate cost, competition and volume for search terms at each stage. Structuring Adwords accounts by using relevant keywords into different ad campaigns and ad groups. >

Which is followed by placing ads in search results by bidding on keywords and keeping the cost-per-click (CPC) low by bidding on long-tail business relevant keywords. Then create an ad copy while keeping headlines compelling, relevant with clear calls to action.

It is also important to design a mobile friendly landing page with a good presentation of words and images focusing on benefits and features of your products on sale.

Follow through is also equally important to track conversions by placing Google analytics code on the website followed by routine optimization and A/B testing of all ad copies and landing pages.

However it is critical to expertly manage this process of placing Google Ads, which can otherwise rack up costs while your traffic dwindles.

Some of Google's features which our virtual assistants make use of are Keyword Planner, Adwords express, Google Ads Editor, Google Ads Manager Accounts, The Reach Planner, etc, while targeting locations, language along with placement targeted advertisements. Remarketing and ad extensions to enhance the content and quality of your advertisements.

Wise Mates recommends hiring our Google Ads virtual assistant experts who understand the nuances, difficulties and challenges of handling ad placements online. They follow the steps to generate traffic and with economical expenses and high productivity.


Google Ads is a search engine which has a wide range of tools and options. For a beginner understanding how to tackle the functionality can get quite overwhelming. This is exactly where our virtual assistant experts come into the picture. They understand the factors that are key to running a successful ad campaign. Those being keyword competition, maximum bid and bid position, your average budgets for a month, click through rates and the quality score of your keywords.

They know exactly what keywords to target to generate traffic without exceeding the budgets.

Some more reasons for hiring our virtual assistance experts for placing and managing Google Ads are:-
- Zero administrative hassle
- Cost efficiency
- High quality services
- Affordable services
- Time based delivery
- Effective management
- Customised services
- Data confidentiality
- Access to latest tools and tech